Never Say Never X 2

I used to say NEVER all the time.  I might still be saying it if I just hadn’t met Paula Roland….

I have experimented with so many different art forms in my career.  I was passionate about hot glass and loved lampworking the beads and bottles.  The last few years I have focused on photography and mixed-media.  I love abstracts and enjoy trying to find a different take on an image.  This has kept me pretty busy.  I had never developed an interest in Encaustic painting.  Took a class one time with the iron and the little cards and put that away with fun for a day but no more.  Most encaustics that I had seen just didn’t appeal to me.  Then I went to New Mexico for a Board of Directors meeting for the Society of Layerists of Multi-Media and went to visit Paula’s studio.  I was hooked from the time I saw her manipulate that color on the HotBox.  I loaded up my car with supplies, ordered videos and books that were waiting when I returned home and started melting wax.  I have rarely missed a day since.

Most of my wax work is done on panel with a torch.  I am passionate about the flow of the wax and the blending and movement of the color.  I can hardly wait to get in the studio each day.  I love the layering and texture that is possible with the wax.  I LOVE the burned shellac and am experimenting with various pigments and substances to add into the painting.

The second NEVER has to be this blog.  With Nikki Loftin for a daughter I realized that since she started writing better at 10 years old than I did as an adult I gave up on writing. Read her work and you will understand.  Anyway, I decided to start a Blog about my artwork.  Another thing I said I would NEVER do..

Just to tell you…Never say Never!


  1. Yea! Welcome to the world of blogging!

    • Thanks, Cathy. It was one of my goals for this month but I’m still a little bewildered about it all. I would so much rather be in the studio!

      • I relate to you Rae!! We, visual arts don’t do very well with written words… It’s really a challenge to keep up with the writing when the studio is more appealing!!! Best wishes in keeping up, it’s been my new year’s resolution to write on mine once a week. If you want, we can push each other so we keep on writing!!!

        • Administrator

          Thanks, Corina
          I’m going to try to write once a week also. Let’s help each other!

  2. Welcome to the Blog World Rae…..It is as addicting as encaustics!

  3. Yippie! I love making people happy. And my workshop in June will be over the top. Looking forward to having you there.

    • I’m really looking forward to the workshop and to seeing your new wonderful studio space!

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