Putting it out there.

Putting it out there.

This week saw the opening of another show.  This is a smaller show entitled “Jazzed on Photography”  at Museo Gallery (address below) and was put together by Diane Graden.  Although the thought of driving over an hour to get there seemed tiring I was revitalized once I arrived.  Diane had done a beautiful job of presenting the art and providing food and entertainment.  Since I had decided to do something different and have Canvas Press print all my photos  on gallery wraps I also made the decision to show only abstract photographs.   This is always interesting.  A lot of aspiring photographers were there and wanted to ask questions about how to do a certain technique.  Since I enjoy teaching I was glad to share the information.  Most of the techniques I used in my images were ones I learned from studying with Freeman Patterson.  He’s my hero when it comes to art photography.  He encourages his students to shoot from the eye and the heart.

The funniest part of the evening was when two women asked me what I had used to paint my pictures.  When I told them they were photographs…remember this was a photography show…they replied that one of the other photographers in the show told them I had painted them and that these were giclees of my paintings.

I had great friends that came to the opening and got to visit with NJ (Nancy) Weaver an Austin encaustic artist.

The other three photographers in the show were named: John, Johnny and Sean.  I did think this could have been billed as Three Johns and a Gal.

I’ve been working more on the Fault Line and Strata series this week.  It’s like eating potato chips.  One just leads to another one.

This show will be on until April 22.  The address is:

11266 Taylor Draper Lane  Austin, TX 78759



  1. lovely!

    Sorry I couldn’t attend the opening last night. I was a sub studio manager for the WPA open studio last night… Though nobody showed!! Grr!

  2. Penny Wheat

    Rae, all you say about how well the show was put together is absolutely true! Your choice of canvas for your abstracts was spot-on and your pieces were stunning. YOU inspire me.

  3. Shawn Thomas

    It was really nice to meet you and speak with you last night Rae, and again, I love your painterly photography. Diane has a wonderful thing going and does amazing work, last night was very inspiring and I look forward to viewing more of her shows. And I am hoping to make it by your other show this evening.


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